Sports & Hip-Hop with DJ Mad Max
Chuck Chillout

April 1, 2019

I want to thank the legendary DJ Chuck Chillout for calling into my show last night on WSJU Radio at St. John's University. He told me about the first time he saw a set of turntables, and how he wanted to become a DJ. He received his first set of turntables for his birthday, and his dream of becoming a DJ came true. He told me how he got his name, as well as about collaborating with Kool Chip for their classic album "Masters of the Rhythm" which was released in 1989. He talked about his journey to becoming an on air DJ in 1982 on 98.7 Kiss FM. He loved DJing overseas in Japan, as well as having a radio show over there. He loved it so much that he almost didn't come back. He was one of the first DJs to play Hip-Hop music in Japan and the people loved it. He named his favorite artists from back in the day as well as some of the artists he likes today. Chuck Chillout keeps it real and has no time for 'Space Music', the name he gave to the mainstream Hip-Hop of today. He told a hilarious story about Desiigner and the time he saw him in the hallway at WBLS. Thanks again for calling in and giving me positive advice! Most of all don't forget to lock into DJ Chuck Chillout's show on Saturday nights from 11:00pm to 12:00am est on WBLS!

Shoutout to my brother Zaire Adams for creating the dope promo for this show! See his contact information at the bottom of the Sports & Hip-Hop 2019 page.