Sports & Hip-Hop with DJ Mad Max
Hip-Hop Legend Cormega

October 7, 2019

I want to thank hip-hop legend Cormega for calling into my show Sports & Hip-Hop with DJ Mad Max, on WSJU Radio at St. John's University. He talked about growing up in Queens, and the rappers who inspired him. He explained why he took the independent artist route, and how he was able to market and sell his records that way. He discussed why he didn't mention any brands on his "Mega Ep", and he gave his view on politics. He ranked his albums from top to bottom. He does not listen to the new mainstream hip-hop. He just focuses on making the music that he has been making since the beginning. Something that I love about Cormega is that he really cares about his fans. He has personally called every fan that has sent him proof that they bought his new Ewing sneakers. Cormega went into details on his collaborations with Ewing Athletics and Chalk Line. He mentioned that he has new music on the way, so stay tuned. He will also be performing on Long Island on October 19th, at Amityville Music Hall. His Ewings are now available for purchase at Ewing Athletics. Follow Cormega on Instagram and Twitter.