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K Chrys from Lost Boyz Family

August 1, 2019

Shoutout to K Chrys of Lost Boyz Fam for stopping by my show for an interview this week. We discussed his newest solo 260 Herkimer Ep, which is available on all music platforms. Find it on iTunes, as well as The Lost Boyz Next Generation album, which is also available on all platforms, can be found on iTunes. He talked about his grandmother setting the foundation for him, and his time at NYU and LIU. Hear how his NYU professor Steve Stoute's advice led to him getting a sponsorship. He told the story of meeting Mr. Cheeks for the first time, and making music together along with fellow group member Freaky Kah. K Chrys also discussed being a manager for The Lost Boyz, and actor Marc John Jefferies, as well as past and upcoming performances, and much more! Follow K Chrys on Instagram @kaceychrysler and Twitter @kaceychrysler.

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