Sports & Hip-Hop with DJ Mad Max
with Guest Co-hosts
Loko Warbucks & Andrew Brown
The R&B Group INTRO

April 29, 2019

I want to thank Buddy Wike and Jeffrey Sanders of the legendary RnB group INTRO, for coming on my show Sports & Hip-Hop with DJ Mad Max, on WSJU Radio at St. John's University. Buddy talked about meeting Kenny Greene in the army and how the group came together. Heavy D helped push them when they were starting out. They talked about their experience with Stevie Wonder, and told a story about how Stevie beat Jeffrey in air hockey twice. They also did the greatest cover of Stevie Wonder's Ribbon in the Sky and Stevie loved it. They discussed writing for Mary J. Blige and many other artists in the industry. Jeffrey said that the ending skit of Come Inside is real, and that they played that part on the radio back in the day. Buddy and Jeffrey shared their experiences making their two albums INTRO and New Life as well as going on tour. We had a Nas vs. Jay-Z discussion. Buddy grew up with Jay-Z and played basketball with him as well. They gave their opinion of RnB and Hip-Hop today. We also talked about fashion today vs. fashion back in the day and sports. Shoutout to Loko Warbucks for coming on the show and spitting a freestyle. Buddy murdered the mic with his freestyle. Jeffrey and Buddy gave an amazing acapella performance of Let Me Be the One and Love Thang! Be on the lookout because INTRO may be releasing new music soon! Thanks again for coming on the show and most of all Rest In Peace Kenny Greene.

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