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DJ KaySlay
Homage Ep Promo

November 23, 2020

Big thank you goes out to legend DJ KaySlay for coming on my show for an interview! We discussed his new Homage Ep, some of the new Hip-Hop artists not embracing the Hip-Hop legends, police brutality, and why Black Lives Matter is important. DJ KaySlay talked about his interview with Pop Smoke before he was killed and that he believed that he was going to be the next superstar in the game. We also discussed his graffiti work and being featured in the 1983 Hip Hop Style Wars documentary. Stay tuned because he will be dropping new visuals from Homage soon as well as Homage vinyls! He will be dropping his next project in May that will feature Rolling 100 Deep! Go checkout DJ KaySlay's Homage EP out on all platforms, including Apple Music.

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