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Hip-Hop Legend MC Eiht

October 8, 2020

Big thank you goes out to the Hip-Hop legend MC Eiht for coming on my show for an interview! MC Eiht just dropped his newest album Lessons and I think it is album of the year as far as real Hip-Hop goes from the lyrics to the production. Some of the features include: B-Real, Dave East, and Havoc from Mobb Deep. MC Eiht explained the significance of the title Lessons and why he chose that to be the name of this album. He gave his opinion on why the real Hip-Hop isn't in the mainstream anymore and why young producers are not making boom bap, the true sound of Hip-Hop. MC Eiht also talked about his role as A-Wax in Menace II Society, doing voice overs for Grand Theft Auto, and collaborating with Kendrick Lamar on m.A.A.d city. The visual for Bluue Wave drops next week! Stay tuned! MC Eiht's new album Lessons is available on all music platforms, including Apple Music.

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