Sports & Hip-Hop with DJ Mad Max
Craig Carton

April 27, 2021

Big thank you to Craig Carton for coming on my show for an interview! Craig talked about his journey in college radio at Syracuse, getting a degree in broadcast journalism, and what the feeling was like to get back on the mic at WFAN. He got into his time as a DJ for pubs in Syracuse, his favorite Hip-Hop records that he loved to play/scratch at his gigs, and the Hip-Hop artists who are on his Mount Rushmore. We talked about the upcoming 2021 NFL Draft and if Zach Wilson will be the franchise quarterback that the NY Jets have been looking for since Namath. Unfortunately due to the zoom freezing, we were unable to finish the last question. Tune into Craig Carton's show Carton and Roberts on WFAN weekdays from 2-7pm est on 101.9 FM or 66 AM.

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