Sports & Hip-Hop with DJ Mad Max
Donnie Visa

June 11, 2021

Shoutout to Rocky Mount, North Carolina's own Donnie Visa for coming on the show for an interview for the fifth independent artist interview of Independent Artist Hour Spotlight with DJ Mad Max! Donnie Visa talked about his early life of growing up in Rocky Mount, the artists who inspired him, and creating his own independent label called Approved Way. He discussed the importance of networking and why Mezz Entertainment was the perfect fit for him. He just released a song with DJ Wonder called Not One of Them and is currently working on a music video for it as well as another music video for an upcoming song that will be inspired by the horror movie Thirteen Ghosts that will release this October. On June 27th, Donnie Visa will be performing at an event in Brooklyn. Stay tuned! Go check out Donnie Visa's new song with DJ Wonder called Not One of Them, it is available on all music platforms, including Apple Music.

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