Sports & Hip-Hop with DJ Mad Max
MC Serch

March 24, 2021

Big thank you and shoutout to the legend MC Serch for coming on my show for an interview! MC Serch talked about the start of his rap career, the beginnings of 3rd Bass, and the story behind the Sons of 3rd Bass (Beastie Boys Diss Song). Serch told a story about how him and MC Hammer could have squashed their beef as well as the story behind 3rd Bass' hit record Pop Goes The Weasel, the Vanilla Ice diss record. We discussed VH1 and Ego Trip's The White Rapper Show as well as Serch's new Serch Says Podcast. We also got into today's rap era and talked sports. Serch ended the show telling his only story about The Notorious B.I.G. and his stories with 2Pac. Make sure to go checkout all of MC Serch's music with 3rd Bass and as a solo artist. You can check out his podcast on his YouTube channel, M.C. Serch.

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