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Leon Thomas III

March 8, 2021

Big thank you to Leon Thomas III for coming on my show for an interview! Leon discussed the upcoming music that he is working on, the 10 year anniversary of Victorious, and what it's like working with Drake. He talked about meeting Babyface for the first time, winning his first grammy at the age of 21 for Love, Marriage? & Divorce, and his time on Broadway for The Lion King & The Color Purple. We got into his first Ep Genesis, his gift as a songwriter, including his work with artists such as Ariana Grande. He also shared a story about the legendary singer-songwriter & producer Teddy Riley. Make sure to be on the lookout for all of the music that he has on the way this year, including his own new project! Go checkout Leon Thomas III's Genesis if you haven't yet! It's available on all music platforms, including Apple Music.

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