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Lenny Green

June 7, 2021

Big thank you to the legendary and WBLS' Mr. Quiet Storm Lenny Green for coming on my show for an interview! Lenny Green began the show talking about originally wanting to be the second Michael Jackson, starting his radio career at Kingsborough Community College's radio station, and eventually doing radio in New Haven, CT. He talked about how he landed his show on 98.7 KISS FM and hosting his legendary show The Quiet Storm on WBLS on 107.5. He voiced his opinion on today's R&B and why the sound has drastically changed from back in the day. We discussed his legendary interviews with Smokey Robinson, R. Kelly, Keith Sweat, and the Jackson 5 as well as the album that he believes defines 90s R&B. Lenny is currently working on a book and will be putting a documentary together in the future! Tune into Lenny Green's The Quiet Storm Sundays-Thursdays from 7-11:59pm est on 107.5 FM.

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